Can I find housing alternatives in the neighbourhood?

There are many studio flats and apartment for rent. In addition, you can stay in dormitories both in the city centre and in our campus. The rent should be between 250 and 300$ monthly but it may change depending on the features of the apartment.

Scholarship Exam

KTO Karatay University organizes the Online Scholarship Exam for International Students every year. The exam is for associate and bachelor degrees. Test takers just need a computer with an internet connection and they do not need to travel to Turkey to take the exam. The test is in 5 languages: Turkish, Arabic, Russian, French and English and fluency in Turkish language is not required. 

The scholarship is for the tuition fees only and test takers are entitled to recieve either 100%, 50% or %25 scholarships. Applications are open between February and September every year. Students who need a scholarship and meet the admission requirements are welcome to take the exam. Test takers should be ready for an online interview following the exam.

According to their test scores students who get 55 or over out of 100, are eligible to receive scholarships by their rankings within scholarship quotas per department. Students who are entitled to get a scholarship but do not submit the required documents in time along with the refundable enrollment fee (deposit) will not be allowed to register. Thus, the vacant quotas are given to other students who score above 55/100.

Who can apply to study at KTO Karatay University?
  1. Foreign nationals,
  2. Turkish citizens at birth, those who are allowed to leave the Turkish nationality from the Ministry of the Interior and who certify that they have a document on the use of the rights recognized by Turkish citizenship law of underage children registered in the Turkish nationality,
  3. While a foreign national / dual nationality holder, those who acquired citizenship and became a citizen of the Republic of Turkey,
  4. Turkish citizens who completed the secondary education in a foreign country except for the TRNC,
  5. Citizens of TRNC residing in TRNC and who have completed secondary education in the TRNC along with holding a GCE AL exam result and those applicants who studied in colleges and high schools in other countries between 2005 and 2010 and holding a GCE AL exam result or prospective holders of a GCE AL exam result can apply for KTO Karatay University.
Is there a chance for a foreigner to earn any scholarships?

Other than provided by your own countries, you might be granted a scholarship based on your YÖS exam conducted by KTO Karatay University, i.e. International Student Exam.

How much do I need per month?

It may change depending on the students’ lifestyles. The range is almost 400-500$ per month.