The Diploma Supplement (DS) is a document given in addition to a higher education diploma, aiming to reinforce international transparency and to ensure the academic and professional recognition of the skills and skills acquired, as well as documents such as diploma, degree, and certificate.

Today, new forms of diploma and certification are developing all over the world. Countries are constantly changing their student achievement assessment style and education systems in the face of rapidly changing economic, political, and technological developments. A growing number of mobile citizens demand a fair assessment of their abilities and skills. Lack of recognition or incorrect or incomplete assessment of skills and skills has become a global problem. Since the original diploma and other documents do not provide sufficient explanatory information on their own, it has become difficult to establish the level and function of a diploma without providing detailed annotation.


Benefits of the Diploma Supplement for students

  • A valid and comparable diploma abroad
  • A complete description of the student's academic path and the competencies acquired
  • An objective and fair assessment of the student's achievements and abilities
  • Possibility to reach job and education opportunities abroad easily for the future