Konya hosts more than 130 thousand students with five universities. All of these students have notable reasons to choose Konya. When we have a close look at their reasons seven main factors stand out.

Safe and Peaceful City: Locals are welcoming. Many international students witness people paying for their dolmush (shared taxi) fees. Saying ‘’Oh no! Please put it back in your pocket. You are a student.’’ Or, there will be people buying you a meal. This habit of doing a favor to students derives from the idea of appreciating youth in search of knowledge; dominant teaching in Islam. And needless to say, the crime rate in the city is the lowest when compared to the other big cities of Turkey.

Hundreds of Majors Available: Five universities in Konya offer hundreds of majors from Shoe Design and Manufacturing to Islamic Economics and Pilot Training. The good thing is that all these departments are open to international students.

Affordable Learning Experience: Rent in Konya is, on average, 57% lower than in Istanbul. There are hundreds of public and private student dormitories close to universities. Students can also rent a house easily with friends. The student menu at universities is at most $2 and at a restaurant, students can enjoy a medium-size meal for $3. Restaurant prices in Konya are 41% lower than in Istanbul, and grocery prices are 8% lower than in Istanbul.

Konya has numerous transportation alternatives with a public bus, tram, and dolmush lines. With a student travel card which can be bought for around 145 Liras (around $8), students can travel the whole city either on a public bus or a tram for a month. One of the best things about transport in Konya is bicycles. Students can buy or rent a bicycle to commute in this absolutely smooth city.

Location: Literally, all roads lead to Konya. It is a hub for nationwide transportation. Students can travel to Ankara by fast-train in less than 2 hours and to Istanbul in less than 5 hours. Antalya and its sunny beaches are only 3 hours away by car. Eskişehir, another student city of Turkey is only 2 hours away by fast train.

Rich and High Cuisine: Since the city used to be the capital of Seljuks and Sufism, it inherited a culturally diverse and rich cuisine. Students living in Konya have the chance to eat like Sultans.

The Rising Business and Industrial Center of Anatolia: Konya is one of the most important employment centers with a highly developed and booming industry. Variety in manufacturing and developed industrial areas create employment fields. It is not surprising in Konya to see companies producing F1 simulators and plants making sugar-free biscuits. Students have the chance to gain practical experience through an internship at hundreds of companies.

For students studying Journalism, TV, and/or communication Konya offers a rich list of local newspapers, TVs, and radios.

Many Places To See: Konya offers an extensive list of places to visit for international students. Seljuk madrasas and mosques, Karatay Madrasa, Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi’s Tomb, Alaaddin Hill where the Seljuk palace was located, the Science Center, Salt Lake hosting thousands of flamingos every year, and Kilistra, the ancient Christian city are on the top of the places to visit list for the visitors of the city.

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