KTO Karatay University English Preparatory School aims to provide qualified English language training to students whose first language is not English. The Intensive English Course Program aims at providing students with the necessary language skills to pursue their studies in their majors.

The English Preparatory Program is a one-year pre-freshman program. Intensive English training is carried out for 27 hours per week. It is compulsory for Engineering faculty departments with an English language instruction at least 30% and optional for the students of other faculties. Students whose English proficiency is below the level determined by the university must attend the English preparatory class. After satisfactorily completing the language training year, students continue their language education with professional English lessons in line with the requirements of their field.

All newly admitted Engineering Faculty and Translation and Interpretation Department students are required to take the KEPT 1 (Karatay English Proficiency Exam) at the beginning of the academic year. Students passed a national or international English language test are exempt from English language training.

Students entitled to enroll in a 100% Turkish instruction program can attend the English preparatory class for two semesters if they wish. Students who enroll in the foreign language preparatory program start their academic study at the departments upon completion of the English Preparatory course. Successful students are awarded a foreign language achievement certificate. Students who need to learn both English and Turkish in the same year must submit a petition to the Registrar's Office at the beginning of the academic year.


At the beginning of the academic year, the students of the Engineering Faculty and the Translation and Interpretation Department who are newly enrolled in our university must take the KEPT Exam. It is compulsory to get at least 60 out of 100 points for these programs with 30% English instruction.

Speaking, listening and writing skills of students who take the KEPT exam are evaluated. The exam consists of 3 steps, a student who fails at any stage cannot proceed to the next stage and is considered unsuccessful.

Training System

In the preparatory school, students are placed in classes suitable for their level. Each course is 8 weeks and there are weekly breaks between courses. At the end of the 2nd level, a two-week break is given to the students.

While the students who complete each level continue with the next level, students with a GPA below 60 or whose absence exceeds 15% of the total course hour repeat the course. All the students who benefit from Preparation Program for Foreign Language are tested through midterms. Midterm dates in the Preparation Program are announced by the Directorate of School of Foreign Languages at the beginning of the academic year. You can follow the academic calendar of the Unit of Basic Foreign Languages from the webpage of our School of Foreign Languages.

The final examination is held only at the end of every level. Students who fail because of absence aren’t eligible to take the final exam. The students whose general point average is 60 or higher are regarded to have completed the level.

Lessons are taught under 5 categories in the English Preparatory Class.

General English (Main Course)          : 12 Hours/Week

Listening & Speaking                          : 9 Hours/Week

Reading                                              : 5 Hours/Week

Writing                                               : 4 Hours/Week

Grammar (Use of English)                  : 6 Hours/Week