Bahar Karadavut - Netherlands / Faculty of Law

Faculty of law was a department I wanted to study for years, and I chose this program to do my dream job.

I study what I have wanted for years, and this makes me happy. I find it enjoyable to learn new things every day from either books or professors. Though I have not been active in a student community yet, I have recently applied to a community, and I hope to be the head of the society or assistant.

What do I like most about Konya? ... The way the city handled urbanization is astonishing. The population is above 2 million, but there is almost no traffic.

I love the student-friendly services of KTO Karatay University. For instance, the higher grade we get from final or make-up exams is valid. I believe that this is a great advantage to keep our academic success high. One last thing, the sensitivity to hygiene rules and cleanliness is remarkable. All of the buildings are very spacious and comfortable. There are much better opportunities than other universities I have visited.



Al Hassan Kamara - Sierra Leone / Faculty of Medicine

I want to be a skilled doctor, and I also want to improve myself in the academic field. I believe KTO Karatay University is among the best in Turkey for international students. I want to help people reach medical treatment and services. I am extremely excited. I believe that showing up myself and not giving up will help me do my dream job. It is hard but I will manage it; life is not about sitting there or dancing.

Being a part of student societies and social activities like swimming and singing adds happiness to my life.

Konya is a silent and pleasant city. It is full of exceptional people. The museums, especially the Mevlana Museum, and the atmosphere of the city allured me.

Studying at the Faculty of Medicine which I wanted most, on a full scholarship is like a dream. Learning new things from reputable professors and the chance to study abroad through student exchange programs were hard to get opportunities for me.

Sierra Leone


Ally Ndikumana – Burundi / Pilot Training

I chose KTO Karatay University because studying at a leading university would better prepare me for life. KTO Karatay University offers the chance for specialization in the field I want to improve my skills: Pilot Training. The university has its airport, training airplanes, and gliders. This is an exceptionally rare chance for students willing to be a pilot with an internationally valid license.

Furthermore, I have the opportunity to perform a double major with many engineering departments as well as International Trade and Business. I believe all these will increase my chances of employment.

I have been living in Konya for a year and a half. I've seen numerous things like food, museums, beautiful and clean parks as well as historical mosques. I appreciate the people in Konya. They are trustworthy and humble. They love helping strangers.



İbrahim Taufiq - Gana / Nursing

I preferred to study Nursing at KTO Karatay University because my country needs well-trained health personnel. I want to be a beneficial individual to my society by serving people around me after receiving a quality education.

I am currently the president of a student society of KTO Karatay University. Being an active member of student society helped me gain many experiences in social and personal skills. In Konya, I love the warm-hearted local people and their helpfulness the most. Also, there are numerous possibilities here that I can take advantage of to improve myself.

I love and respect the quality of education at the university, and the friendly approach of both administrative and academic staff. Everyone here is hardworking and determined. I think this is a situation that should be respected by everyone. Since I have come here, I have occasionally had the opportunity to chat and work with university staff; this was a lot of fun.