All international students in Turkey are required to have valid health insurance regardless of the type of university they are enrolled in. Having health insurance is not optional, but in case you have a valid one you are welcome to use it. Students who already have valid health insurance are strictly recommended to submit a copy of their insurance policy to the Office of International Programs. Please note that buying a private health insurance policy is not a mustmost of the time it is more expensive than the General Health Insurance (GHI). If you are coming from Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, you can obtain the Health Insurance Policy in your home country by inquiring about your National Medical Insurance Company for the equivalent letter of the Turkish National Medical Insurance-SGK for the entire period of your study. To get your General Health Insurance you are required to pay the amount (within the first 3 months after your arrival) determined as the minimum premium amount to maintain insurance during your study. Late applications are not accepted. The annual fee is approximately 1250 TLthough you can pay it monthly, you are highly recommended to pay for the whole year at once in order not to miss your payments. Note that you need your foreign ID number to get your general health insurance procedures done.