KTO Karatay University offers safe and comfortable guesthouses to students coming from other cities and countries. Both guesthouses are only within 5-10 minutes' walking distance to the campus. Depending on your budget you can stay in single, twin or quad rooms.

The rooms are fully furnished, with wardrobes, desks, and sofas, as well as refrigerators, cookers, and ovens. You can reach common use areas like breakfast hall, laundry, study halls, and guest rooms.

The fees include breakfast,  electricity, water, and internet bills within accepted limits. You can make your payments in installments. 

In addition, a deposit of 1.000.00 ₺ is required at the time of registration.

Female Guesthouses Phone : +90 332 355 15 52-53

Male Guesthouse Phone       : +90 332 355 15 50-51

You can view the rooms at our guesthouses here.