As a high school graduate, you have goals for your future. We highly recommend you to take a few career tests to make sure you will have a happy professional life. Selecting a department that will direct you to a career you which will not satisfy you is the most significant risk for all applicants.

Most of the time students make plans and dream about post-university life skipping the facts about what studying at a university necessitates. Your high school training might not be sufficient enough to support you pursue some of the courses. Proven by experience, many international students studying at the Faculty of Medicine, Engineering, and Health Sciences find most of the courses hard to pass. It is nothing personal and all is about the difference between curriculums applied in the secondary education programs in Turkey and other countries.

Let’s have a look at a limited part of the curriculum for the 12th graders in Turkey:

MATH subjects taught in the last year in Turkish high schools:

Derivative: Limits and Continuity, Instant Rate of Change and Derivative, Applications of the Derivative.

Integral: Indefinite Integral, Certain Integrals, and Applications.

Analytic Geometry: Analytical Review of the Circle.

Equations and Inequalities: Expressions with Power and Root, Conscious Consumer Arithmetic.

Trigonometry: Sum-Difference and Double Angle Formulas, Trigonometric Equations.

Exponential and Logarithmic Functions: Exponential Function, Logarithm Function, Exponential, Logarithmic Equations, and Inequalities.

PHYSICS subjects taught in the last year in Turkish high schools:

Circular Movement: Uniform Circular Movement, Angular Momentum, Gravitational Force, Kepler's Laws.

Introduction to Atomic Physics and Radioactivity: Historical Development of the Atomic Concept, The Big Bang, and the Formation of the Universe, Radioactivity.

Applications of Modern Physics in Technology: Imaging Technologies, Semiconductor Technology, Superconductors, Nanotechnology, Laser Rays.

CHEMISTRY subjects taught in the last year in Turkish high schools:

Chemistry and Electricity: Electric Current in Reduction-Oxidation Reactions, Electrodes and Electrochemical Cells, Electrode Potentials, Electricity Generation from Chemicals, Electrolysis, Corrosion.

Introduction to Carbon Chemistry: Inorganic and Organic Compounds, Simple Formula and Molecular Formula, Carbon in Nature, Lewis Formulas, Hybridization-Molecular Geometries.

Organic Compounds: Hydrocarbons, Functional Groups, Alcohols, Ethers, Carbonyl Compounds, Carboxylic Acids, Esters.

BIOLOGY subjects taught in the last year in Turkish high schools:

Gene to Protein: Discovery and Importance of Nucleic Acids, Genetic Code, and Protein Synthesis.

Energy Conversions in Living Things: Vitality and Energy, Photosynthesis, Chemosynthesis, Cellular Respiration.

You should comprehend what awaits you at the university. Lack of deep knowledge in the above subjects might result in failing some courses in the university leading to losing your scholarship. Since making a transfer between departments (changing your department after you start) is not allowed by the Turkish Higher Education Council in Turkey, you may be required to start over your university Education.


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