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Bahar Karadavut

Faculty of law was a department I wanted to study for years, and I chose this program to do my dream job.

Bahar Karadavut Netherlands / Faculty of Law
Al Hassan Kamara

I want to be a skilled doctor, and I also want to improve myself in the academic field. I believe KTO Karatay University is among the best in Turkey for international students.

Al Hassan Kamara Sierra Leone / Faculty of Medicine
Ally Ndikumana

I chose KTO Karatay University because studying at a leading university would better prepare me for life. KTO Karatay University offers the chance for specialization in the field I want to improve my skills: Pilot Training.

Ally Ndikumana Burundi / Pilot Training
İbrahim Taufiq

I preferred to study Nursing at KTO Karatay University because my country needs well-trained health personnel. I want to be a beneficial individual to my society by serving people around me after receiving a quality education.

İbrahim Taufiq Gana / Nursing

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